Emmy Woods was born and raised in rural North Dakota and currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota. With hints of country, folk, and blues, Emmy’s songs showcase both her knack for storytelling, her strengths in musical artistry, and an impressive vocal range and ability cultivated by years of practice. While Emmy has been writing songs for over 20 years, her first collection of songs, tristia bella, as well as her albums The Manifold and Delirium were not released until 2020. In spring of 2022 she accepted one of her first performances in nearly ten years at Mojo Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis. In a serendipitous twist of fate, Woodzen frontman Jake Johnson (violin & guitar) stopped in for coffee accompanied by bandmates Bob Delage (bass) and Brody Kucera (percussion). Dazzled by her unique yet accessible sound and songs, they invited Emmy to collaborate and the Red Pine Ramblers were born. Just over a year later, the group has grown to include Lydia Lecher (keyboard), and continues to gain momentum with their genre bending sound. They will be releasing several new singles in 2023 and 2024.